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Small Business Subscription

The small Business Subscription is crafted for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Through the subscription service, you can engage in proactive discussions about your legal concerns, enabling early issue identification and facilitating well-informed decision-making.


An Attorney On your Team

Me legal services subscription is designed to provide top-notch, essential legal assistance to emerging, established, and evolving small business owners and entrepreneurs. Tailored to make high-quality legal support accessible, this service enables small businesses to benefit from professional legal guidance without the financial burden of maintaining an in-house attorney by utilizing a flat monthly fee.

What sets DC Law apart from other legal subscription services?

When partnering with DC Law, you experience personalized service from a committed attorney. I invest time in understanding you and your business, ensuring tailored support. Unlike other subscription services that assign you to any available law firm, at DC Law, your inquiries are addressed directly by me. No more wasting time explaining your business.

Im already familiar and ready to assist.

Plans & Pricing

Estate Planning

Young Adult Package . . . $700.00

Basic Service Package . . . $1,500.00

All packages include:

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Advance Health Care Directive & Proxy

  • HIPPA Release

  • Final Wishes Declaration

  • One Deed Transfer


Pet Trust . . . $150.00

Gun Trust . . . $300.00

Additional Deed Transfer . . . $100.00

More complex tax planning quotes separately.

Small Business Subscription

  • Scheduled access to an attorney

  • Legal research and guidance

  • 1 document review per month (up to 15 pages)

  • 1 collection letter or phone call per month

  • 1 webinar each month

  • $80.00 per month

Subscribers receive a 25% discount on any additional services not included in the subscription. 

Small Business Services

  • LLC formation . . . $1,200.00

  • Corporation formation . . . $1,500.00

Other business services:

  • Contract Creation & Review

  • Employee Relations

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Employee Handbook & Forms

Family Law

Flat fee offered based on case specific circumstances 

Payment plans available.

Personal Attorney Subscription

  1. $30.00 per month 

  2. $20.00 per month if added to the business subscription.

  3. Legal research and guidance

  4. 1 webinar per month

Services on topics including:

  • Family Law

  • Credit / Loans

  • Employment

  • Education

  • Limited Scope Emergency Services

Trademark Services Coming Soon!

Legislative Center

Client Testimonials


"Doniell was amazing! My child custody case had been dragging on for going on six years and had no end in sight. Doniell was recommended to me by a friend and as soon as she started working on my case she was able to get it resolved quickly and painlessly.


I always felt like a priority and that she had my children’s best interest in mind. I refer any of my friends with child custody cases to her. Thank you Doniell!!!"

"Doniell is professional, friendly compassionate and thorough. Working with her gave me a peace of mind that my future affairs would be taken care of. I am very happy to call this woman my lawyer."


S. S. 

Karen S. 

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